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Alaskan FlameAlaskan Flame
by Kate Hill
Format(s): Ebook
Heat Level: Erotic
Pairing(s): M/F
Genre/Themes: Paranormal
Length: Novella
Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover art: Bryan Keller
BIN: 05902-01893
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The son of a sex demon and a fallen angel, Oliver struggles to keep his libido under control while on duty as a shadowing angel in the wilderness of Alaska. He needs help and it arrives in the form of a sexy, no-nonsense former demon.

Henrie, a shadowing angel with experience, is the perfect woman to assist a man desperate to regain his self-control. What she discovers is he actually needs to cut loose, especially on the evil forces that are secretly plotting to destroy him.

The following excerpt from ALASKAN FLAME is for readers 18 and over.

Henrie awoke with an uneasy feeling. Her muscles tightened and she sat up quickly.

Oliver stood near the dresser, searching through her open travel bag.

He held up a red lace bra and sniffed it. "Interesting."

"What the hell are you doing?" she demanded, springing out of bed, not caring that she might as well have been naked. Her snug T-shirt, the material so thin it was see-through, and tiny boy shorts offered little coverage.

His smoldering gaze swept her. "I didn't think you'd mind if I looked through your things--not after you helped yourself to mine."

If she hadn't been so furious, she'd have been taken aback.

He tossed the bra aside and continued his search. He pulled out specially made handcuffs that were strong enough to restrain most demons.

He smiled. "Are these for business or pleasure?"

"None of your damn business."

He tugged her red and black flogger out of the bag. "Even more interesting."

"Get your claws off my stuff!" Henrie picked up the bra and several other items he'd carelessly discarded and shoved them back into the bag. She grasped the flogger and tried to take it from him, but he refused to let it go. Glaring at him, she said, "Drop it. You have no business looking in my bag."

"But you can search my closet and that's no problem?"

"What makes you think--"

"Give me some credit." He scoffed.

"That's not the point. Give me my flogger."

"Maybe you'd prefer a spanking." His eyes glistened and he pulled the flogger away and wrapped the leather tails around his fist.

"I don't take 'em. I give 'em. And if you don't return my property, I will whip your ass."

His smile broadened. "Promise?"

"If you're in the mood for games, maybe your issues out here aren't so big after all. If Rutendo finds out you bothered him and me because you're just a lonely little boy, he won't be too happy."

"Oh please." He raised his eyes to heaven. "You're actually threatening to tell daddy." Despite his bravado he tossed the flogger to her.

She caught it, stepped closer and placed the handle under his chin. Curling her lip, she said, "We both know Rutendo isn't your daddy. How about telling me the name of the angel who is?"

The rage in his eyes nearly took her aback, but she stood her ground, waiting for him to answer.

"My parentage is none of your business."

"Since it's the only thing Rutendo told me about you, I'd say it's important to my assignment here. That makes it my business."

"Apparently Rutendo has already told you everything you need to know."

"You act like a child and I'm not the maternal type. If you do one more thing to piss me off, I'm out of here, got it?"

"Go on then. I asked Rutendo for help, not hindrance."

"Hind. . .whether I leave or not I'm going to have to kick your ass."

Maybe it was too many months of being good, but she hadn't felt this kind of passion in. . .

Too long.

By his scent and the look in his eyes, he was just as aroused. Or annoyed. Or an intriguing combination of both.

Watch it. He's half sex demon.

And she'd dealt with many of his kind before. After all, hadn't Rutendo said Oliver could benefit from her brand of discipline?

"Kiss my ass?" he said with feigned innocence.

"Kick your ass!"

Leaning so close that the tip of his nose touched hers, he said, "Either one sounds fun."

That was all Henrie could take. Grasping her flogger, she shifted to her winged form and shoved Oliver so hard in the chest that he stepped back, hit the bed and flopped onto his back.

She raised the flogger and as it fell, he grasped it, the tendrils wrapping around his arm. At that moment he shifted to his winged form and tugged her on top of him. In a blink he pinned her beneath him on the bed. He was lean but rock-hard and his body as hot as the flames of hell.

Both furious and aroused, Henri snapped her sharp teeth at his throat--more a warning than a bite intended to do real harm. He jerked back before her fangs actually reached his flesh.

"Was that a love bite, Henrie?" he purred, his blue eyes blazing.

"Who could love you?"