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Author Name: Mechele Armstrong

The hero or heroine in your latest book is asked to decorate for a Halloween party. What does he/she use?

Rose Winters would use a Moulan Rouge combined with zombie chic theme. There would be lots of drag queen dresses and zombie makeup. It would look like Walking Dead meets Vegas.

Your hero or heroine occupies a room in a haunted mansion. Which room is it and why?

Rose Winter would occupy the bedroom in a haunted house because all of her drag queen gear is in the closet and she’s not about to leave it. She’d give the ghosts a run for their money!

What is your favorite Halloween or autumn decoration?

Halloween Snoopy and Woodstock! I love Snoopy and I’ve had this for umpteen years. It’s looking a little weathered. I’ll send a picture.

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5cFeatured Book Title: Dear Rose 1: Winter’s Gamble

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Rose Winter made a bet with her lover that she can get three relationships together and prove to him that she can be the next drag queen Dear Abby. It’s a gamble but she’s going to get Neo and Phil together and isn’t afraid to play dirty to do it.

Phil was once Neo’s dream of a guy but then he took off the morning after their one night stand. Unlike other guys, Neo wasn’t sure he wanted temporary with Phil, but that’s what it turned into. He’s determined he won’t give Phil the chance to hurt him again.

Phil had just tiptoed out his sexuality when he and Neo had a night, but problems in his family led him to shove it back in the closet, leaving Neo in the dust. Phil regrets the past but knows he’ll never make it up to an angry Neo.

Until Rose steps in.

But can Rose’s gamble tip them back into a relationship, or will the same factors that tore them apart to begin with rear their ugly heads again?

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Author Bio:

Mechele Armstrong pretends to clean her house while writing around chauffeuring two teenagers around (*shudder*), geeking out with her computer geek hubby, counseling a neurotic dog, throwing a ball for a spaz cat, and slaving away for a diva kitty.

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  1. I like to carve pumpkins for Halloween. Snoopy looks great. I may have to add more this year.