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Prowleryns (Collection)

by Kate Hill

Erotic Paranormal Romance


Finally he reached the side of the pit. Only when he grasped her ankle did she realize she’d stayed far too close to this creature.

Now that he had her, what was to stop him from tearing her to pieces? He looked partly human, but would he react like one?

She gave a sharp cry as he tugged her to the ground. Instead of harming her, he collapsed on top of her, still panting from his narrow escape, his big, rock-hard body half draped over hers.

Drew lay frozen, her heart pounding. Beneath the layer of sand and mud, his pelt felt smooth and his body quite warm.

After a few moments, his breathing evened out and he lifted his head to stare into her eyes.

Drew swallowed, unsure of what to do. She wondered if he could talk. There was only one way to find out. “Can you understand me?” she asked.

He didn’t reply, but continued watching her. Those wide set greenish eyes were intelligent. She sensed he knew what she said but was unable or unwilling to respond, at least not in words.

He pushed himself to his knees, and when she tried to rise as well, he placed a hand on her stomach.

Drew’s pulse raced and she remained still, half raised on her elbows. She glanced at the large, hairy hand, waiting for his claws to tear through her clothes and flesh. Though firm, his touch didn’t hurt and after a moment his hand moved slowly up her torso. As it passed between her breasts, her nipples tightened and tingled. Finally he paused, his hand curved lightly around her throat.

“You’re not going to hurt me, are you?” she continued softly, her voice steadier than she felt.

From Changeling Press.

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