If you would like to be a guest at Compelling Beasts, please send an email to katehill2@yahoo.com with Compelling Beasts Guest Spot in the subject line and I will send you guest blogger information. In the body of the email, please include your preferred blogging date and 2 alternate dates. Check the calendar below to see which days are available. Days marked in green are available.

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Compelling Beasts welcomes indie movies as well as books. If your movie falls into the horror, action or paranormal genres and you would like to do an interview or promo, please send me an email.

Because Compelling Beasts sometimes features erotic books and is linked to my erotic romance site, the blog is open to most genres, except YA. If you write YA books, you’re welcome to write a guest post about antagonists and antiheroes in general, but the blog doesn’t feature YA books and character profiles for the reason above.

Since this blog is dedicated to villains, antiheroes and others who aren’t golden heroes, your post should focus on those kinds of characters. While we’ll sometimes feature purely evil characters who are charismatic, we strongly prefer to highlight dark characters who have redeeming qualities. We’re also interested in posts or character interviews/profiles about paranormal creatures who have traditionally been considered “bad guys.” Examples include vampires and werewolves.

Some suggestions for guest spots include writing a guest post, doing a top five or ten list, doing an interview with one of your characters, posting an excerpt featuring your antagonist or antihero, or answering questions for a featured author or featured reader interview.  If you would like to receive questions for a character interview or a featured author or reader interview, just let me know in your email.

Sidebar Covers

If your book features a bad boy or antihero and you would like your cover featured in the sidebar, please email me. 3-5 covers will be rotated monthly on a first come first serve basis.

Link Exchange

If you would like to exchange links, please link to http://www.kate-hill.com/compellingbeastsblog on your website or blog then email me so I can add you to the links list.

Thank you for your interest in being a guest and I hope to host you soon!