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Gascon Victors and the Hunky HandymanGASCON VICTORS AND THE HUNKY HANDYMAN
by Kate Hill
Format(s): Ebook
Heat Level: Erotic
Pairing(s): M/F
Genre/Themes: Paranormal
Length: Novella
Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Art: Marteeka Karland
BIN: 06440-02070
Purchase Links: All Romance Ebooks / Amazon / Barnes and Noble / Changeling Press / Coffee Time Romance Bookstore
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Since the death of her family, Alice rarely leaves her house. Plagued by a secret that she doesn't want to share with anyone, she's resigned herself to a lifetime of loneliness. When her sexy new landscaper rouses her passion, she wonders if she should finally take a risk.

After returning from war, Austin's life had nearly fallen apart. Now he has a new career, a new home and is looking for a woman to share it with. He loves Alice from the moment he sees her. The passion between them is hotter than the summer sun, until she abruptly breaks up with him.

Austin wants to help Alice overcome her fears, but will she let him?

The following excerpt from GASCON VICTORS AND THE HUNKY HANDYMAN is for readers 18 and over.

The two men left Austin and Alice gazing at each other.

She wondered if she should say something, but she wasn't sure what, so she smiled and brought the tray back inside. Bracing her hands against the counter, she sighed.

Should she ask him inside to eat? She wanted to. Company would be nice, in particular his company.

What did she have to lose? When the work was done, he'd be gone and she wouldn't see him again until the next time her lawn needed mowing. It wasn't like a date, after all.

She walked to the garage where Austin sat on a toolbox, his long legs spread wide, a paper wrapper containing a sandwich balanced on one knee. His gaze riveted to her when she approached and he stood.

"Would you like to come inside and eat?" she asked. "It's cooler than the garage."

"Thanks," he said, a smile flicking across his lips.

She turned and headed toward the house, but paused and glanced back at him. He stood, gazing at her.

"Are you coming?" she asked.

Sandwich in hand, he followed her. Before stepping inside, he stomped off his muddy boots on the doormat.

"Don't worry about the dirt," Alice told him. "The dogs track it in all the time."

She led the way to the kitchen where he washed his hands in the sink while she brought more iced tea to the table.

They sat and Alice toyed with her chicken salad. She'd been hungry just a short time ago, but sitting here with Austin she was almost too nervous to eat. Looking at him, she couldn't stop thinking about sex.

"I hear you just moved here," said Alice. "Do you like it so far?"

"Yes. I haven't had much of a chance to renovate my house yet."

"Your wife must not be happy about that." Alice nearly cringed at her lack of subtlety, but she had to know if he was free.

"Oh I'm not married. Haven't been lucky enough to find the right woman yet." Their gazes locked. "How about you? Do you have someone special?"