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Fangs and Fists 1: Bolt

by Kate Hill

From Changeling Press


In a futuristic world ruled by demons, werewolves are enslaved to fight in gladiatorial matches for the amusement of their evil masters.

Kiara remembers what life was like living free–before she was taken by demons and bred to gladiators so that the new generations of wolves would retain their ferocity but forget their freedom. Mated to top gladiator Grit, she has a son with this surprisingly gentle lover who is also planning their escape. When Grit is killed in the arena, his close friend Bolt upholds his promise to protect Kiara and the cub.

Bolt and Kiara have loved each other from the moment they met, but they buried their feelings because she was mated to his best friend. When Grit dies, despite their guilt, Bolt and Kiara surrender to their desire for each other. Will their love be strong enough to help them win freedom from their evil masters?

The blog tour for Bolt starts on February 5th and goes until February 11th. I hope you can join me on some stops! Find out more about Bolt here.

Love in the Wild 2: On the Prowl

Are long distance lovers John Smith and Earl Eli out to capture a mysterious beast, or each other?

Two months after librarian John Smith returns home to England, he contacts his lover, violin playing outdoorsman Earl Eli Rossi, regarding sightings of a giant wildcat in a rural village. He asks if the native Mainer is up for another paranormal hunt.

Earl Eli doesn’t hesitate to hop on a plane to England. After a passionate reunion, the men are off to the wild again. Like Bigfoot, the giant cat might be fact or fiction. The investigation is the perfect way for John and Earl Eli to further explore the romance that began in the woods of Maine — providing they survive an encounter with the mysterious feline.

Now available from Changeling Press.

bloodandsoulboxset2ndedition2nd Edition Blood and Soul Box Set Now Available!


Follow the erotic adventures of the Ancients at Burgundy Peak!

Lust abounds within the walls of Burgundy Peak, haven for vampires. Mortals and immortals alike confront their deepest, darkest fears and desires. Step inside to find out if they’re willing to pay the steep price for true love.

Blood and Soul includes Vampire Master, Vampire Crusader, Vampire Guardian, Intimate Relations, Nutcracker .


Releasing a slow breath, Woodrow grasped his cane, the handle molded into the shape of a snake, and left his room. Even before he reached the club’s foyer, he heard the bouncer and Herb arguing. The distinctive scent of a mortal in the process of the change hung heavily on the air.

“I do not know or care who you are,” said Onan, a stern old vampire in charge of security at Burgundy Peak. Onan and Woodrow shared the same vampiric creator, Master Zigor, the club’s owner. “You will remove that woman from here immediately.”

“Listen, I know Woodrow is here. I need to talk to him.”

Woodrow joined them in the foyer. “It’s all right, Onan. I know him.”

“You know the rules. The Master allows no changes to take place here without special arrangement. We don’t want it to get out that Burgundy Peak is the place for vampires to bring their mistakes to die.”

“Woodrow, please.” Herb’s voice rose in his panic. “You have to help me. I really screwed this up.”

“She smells normal enough. Onan, how does she look?”

“I’ve seen worse.”

“Master, please!”

Herb must have been frantic to address Woodrow in such an ancient term. Unlike his own Master, Woodrow had never demanded his children call him by such an inflated title. Still, he told all his children stories of the ancient Masters, of the respect they demanded and the power they wielded. Herb only called Woodrow Master when he wanted something outrageous.

“This girl is going to die if you don’t help me.”

“She might die anyway. You know there are never guarantees that a mortal will survive the transformation, especially if the creator is inexperienced.”

“This is my first try. I think I did something wrong.”

“I cannot allow you to stand here in the foyer carrying that mortal,” Onan said.

“Please, please help me. At least for her sake.”

Woodrow’s jaw tightened and he scolded himself for being a fool. “You may bring her to my room. Onan, I will talk to Master Zigor about our problem.”

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