The Bigfoot Special Edition of Devolution Z The Horror Magazine is available at Amazon.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti… are just a few of the names used to describe a giant-sized cryptid covered in hair and living in the wilderness. Hidden from humanity, these elusive creatures frequently elicit terror in those who experience an encounter. In this special edition, we hope to give you a taste of that terror.
Cover Art:  Luke Spooner
Back Cover:  Vicki Buchan
Bigfoot cartoons by Bob Eckstein
and Bigfoot artwork by Cordelia Vandenburg

“When Their Big War Came” by Francis W. Alexander
“The Genealogy of the Waterbobbejaan” by Francis W. Alexander
“Northern Seclusions” by Chance Barton
“Suburbia Wild II” by Chance Barton
“Bennett Encounter” by Richard Bennett
“The Benign-Faced One” by Cathy Bryant
“The Last Words of Martin Frinke” by Tyson Dobko
“The Water Nymph” by Todd French
“Hunted” by Paul Alex Gray
“Greta O’Neil vs Sasquatch” by Kate Hill
“The Hurkling Stones Ogre” by Hubert Hobux
“Welcome to Sequim, Now Go Home” by Juleigh Howard-Hobson
“Hungry” by S.A. Meyer
“What Lurks Among the Trees” by Tiffany Morris
“El Chupacabra” by Christopher P. Mooney
“Hungry in the Dead of Winter” by Adam Petrash
“Wild Animals” by Nathaniel W. Phillips
“Pyre’s True Tales of the Paranormal” by Jim Pyre
“Skunk Ape Rendezvous” by Virginia Repka-Franco
“The Truth About Dyatlov Pass” by Joe Royster
“Feast” by Travis West
“The Highland Thing” by Ryan Woods
“Murder Creek” by Jay Michael Wright II
“The Rockville Skunk Ape” by Jay Michael Wright II

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