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by Saloni Quinby
Format(s): Ebook
Heat Level: Erotic
Pairing(s): M/M
Genre/Themes: Vampire
Length: Novella
Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover art: Bryan Keller
Purchase Links: All Romance Ebooks / Amazon / Barnes and Noble / Changeling Press / Coffee Time Romance Book Store


Ansley and Brayden were stolen as boys by the hated vampire pirate, Tarun, to work aboard his ship. As men, their friendship blossomed into a deep, undeniable love. They've built a life together and their home is the headquarters for the brotherhood of five rebels who broke free of their hated master. In the final battle between the vampire pirate and the Weapons of Redemption, Ansley and Brayden's love for each other will either save or destroy them.

The following excerpt from MARKSMEN is for readers 18 and over.

Tarun and Bryce stood outside the door. Blood flowed from a deep bite on Tarun's neck. Claw marks streaked Bryce's face and his shirt was torn and bloodstained.

"He needs blood, but he damn near killed us," Tarun said.

"Let me in." Brayden strode forward.

"Bray, he could very well destroy you," Bryce said. "He didn't even recognize me."

"He'll know me," Brayden said. "Now let me pass."

Tarun and Bryce exchanged glances, then Tarun pulled back the bolts and opened the door. Brayden stepped into the dark hold and Tarun slammed the door shut behind him.

His vampiric eyes saw well in the darkness. Ansley crouched in a corner, his breathing ragged. His clothes were torn and soaked in sweat. Ringlets of dark hair clung to his face and neck. He glared at Brayden with wild, red-tinged eyes -- the eyes of a starving animal.

"Ans, I'm here to help you."

Growling, Ansley leapt at Brayden and knocked him onto his back. Straddling him, he bared his fangs, about to tear Brayden's throat. Despite his fear, at that moment Brayden was willing to suffer a painful bite. If Ansley didn't feed enough to satisfy his hunger, he'd die. Mathias had starved him, driven off his humanity and left him desperate. This hunger -- this rage -- had to end, either by feeding or death. Brayden couldn't bear the thought of losing his closest friend… a man he loved more than his own life.

Something stopped Ansley from biting. His brow furrowed and the suffering in his eyes tore at Brayden's heart. Despite his pain and need, he somehow recognized Brayden and was fighting off his hunger.

"It's all right." Brayden tilted his head, exposing his neck. "Take me, Ans. We'll either live or die together."