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"Their Winter Night" has erotic content and is intended for those 18 years of age or older who are not offended by erotic content.

Their Winter Night

Note: Their Winter Night is related to the novella Black Cat.
Whisper: Their Winter Night
Kate Hill

(M/M Erotic Paranormal)

Tobias' paws moved silently across the snowy rooftop. He stopped to peer over the edge to study the object of his pursuit who had paused outside the jewelry shop window in Whisper Square.

Edmond Chancellor was an enigmatic man with angular features and a compact build. Tonight he wore a dark overcoat that was currently dusted with snow. A felt hat covered his head and gloves protected hands that Tobias knew to be slender and graceful, but calloused from years of training with various weapons. Edmond had a particular weakness for swords and was a master with a blade in more ways than one.

While following Edmond, Tobias had been careful to stay downwind since vampires possessed a keen sense of smell that rivaled that of animal shifters. In a couple of short hours, he and the vampire would be together, but until then Tobias wanted to stay hidden.

He wondered if Edmond was stopping at the jewelry shop to pick up a gift, for Tobias perhaps? Or maybe it would be for his niece, Sara, the only member of his vampire family who still spoke to him.

Edmond turned and glanced around, then lifted his gaze toward the rooftop. Tobias crouched low, his heart thumping faster. Had Edmond noticed him watching? After a moment, he lifted his feline head slightly, just enough to see over the edge of the roof. Edmond had disappeared. Most likely he'd entered the shop.

Tobias walked to the opposite end of the roof and leapt into a nearby tree. He climbed down and, keeping to the shadows, ran to his house on the edge of the town square. He passed by the gazebo in the park where a group of residents gathered to be entertained by carolers.

The carolers were members of the local werewolf pack. Wolves often made the best singers. Maybe all that howling helped train their voices.

At home Tobias shifted to his human form and prepared for his evening with Edmond. He dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and black silk tie. Then he brushed his sable hair until it hung smooth and glossy around his face. After slipping into his overcoat, he picked up the long, slender case that held Edmond's holiday gift.

When he stepped outside, a horse-drawn cab awaited him, driven by his great grandson, Ben.

"I told you I wouldn't be late," Ben said with a grin.

Tobias smiled and stepped into the cab. "Just drive, boy."

When he arrived at Edmond's mansion on Chancellor Hill, Edmond greeted him at the door. Young Ben waved goodbye to the couple, then turned his cab back toward Whisper Square.

"No Robins tonight?' Tobias asked his handsome host, referring to Edmond's longtime friend and butler.

"I gave him the night off." Edmond's gaze kept drifting to the box Tobias carried.

"Ah." Tobias smiled and allowed Edmond to relieve him of his coat. When he tried to take the box as well, Tobias playfully moved it out of his reach.

"Interesting parcel."

"Isn't it, though? I'm sure it's not hard to guess what it is."

"Unless you're teasing me."

Tobias leaned close to Edmond and spoke against his lips. "Would I do that?"

When Edmond tried to kiss him, Tobias slipped from his grasp.

Raising his eyes to the heavens, Edmond said, "You? Never. This way."

Edmond took Tobias' hand and led the way up to his spacious bedroom. An archway separated the sleeping area from the sitting room. It had a balcony overlooking a snowy, moonlit field where the barn stood. The forest loomed in the distance, its trees covered in snow and ice.

A fire burned in the hearth, providing the only light in the room, other than moonlight shining through the windows. Both Edmond and Tobias saw as well by night as by day.

Not far from the fire stood a table covered in a blue tablecloth, set for dinner. The succulent aroma of fresh meat mingled with the scent of red wine.

Tobias glanced toward Edmond's large bed. The covers--all blue, since that was Edmond's favorite color--were already turned down. A smile tugged at Tobias' lips. Like most vampires, Edmond wasn't subtle when it came to lust. Tobias liked his aggressive nature in the bedroom. Edmond tempered it by being a tender lover. To a feline who enjoyed being pursued and worshipped, it was a perfect combination.

Tobias placed his package on a pale blue couch, then he walked to the balcony and gazed outside before approaching the table. He trailed a fingertip along the stem of a crystal goblet. Edmond wrapped his arms around Tobias from behind and nuzzled his neck.

"Would you like to eat now?" Edmond asked.

Smiling, Tobias turned and locked his arms around Edmond's neck. "I don't like to exercise on a full stomach. However I'd like to offer my host a drink."

Edmond's intense blue gaze burned into Tobias. He wrapped an arm around Tobias' waist and tugged him so close that he felt the vampire's stiff cock pushing against him. Edmond's mouth covered his in a deep kiss.

Closing his eyes, Tobias tightened his hold on Edmond. Their tongues caressed each other. They enjoyed each other's taste and feel. Tobias' cock awakened. He moaned.

Edmond broke the kiss only to tug his lover toward the bed. Standing beside it, he unfastened Tobias' tie and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Tobias did the same to Edmond. He caressed the vampire's hard chest and leaned closer to lick it. His tongue lashed one nipple, then the other. The men shrugged off their shirts and quickly shed the rest of their clothes before climbing into bed.

A faint smile on his lips, Edmond pinned Tobias beneath him and kissed him again, harder this time. Tobias moaned and arched his body against Edmond's.

Edmond nipped Tobias' lip, though not hard enough to draw blood. Their gazes locked and he saw thirst and desire burning in Edmond's eyes.

"Bite me," Tobias whispered against his lips. "Take me."

Edmond's eyes slipped shut. He nuzzled Tobias' neck and gently scraped it with his fangs. Tobias' heart pounded. He loved to slake Edmond's thirst. Few things felt better than the bite of a vampire aiming to please.

While kissing and licking Tobias' neck, Edmond slid his hand down to stroke his cock. His experienced hand soon had Tobias on the brink, but he didn't allow him to slip over it--not yet.

Tobias caressed every part of Edmond he could reach. He loved touching him, from his strong shoulders to his steely legs. He smoothed his palms over the delightfully firm curve of his ass. Edmond's cock pressed against him. Tobias grasped it and stroked, matching the rhythm of Edmond's hand on his own cock.

"Tobias," Edmond breathed close to his ear. "You're so sweet."

"Then taste me."

The prick of Edmond's fangs pinched for a second, then the sensation turned to pleasure.

They moaned and their bodies writhed while their hands stroked and Edmond drank from Tobias. It didn't take long for Tobias to come. His body tensed and he fought to hold back, but he couldn't. Not when Edmond knew just how to touch him and not when his bite already had him throbbing with pleasure.

Edmond didn't come yet. He drank and groaned, his tongue lapping Tobias' neck. He released Tobias' spent cock and braced his hands on either side of his head. Somewhere through the fading haze of his own pleasure, Tobias found the strength to continue squeezing and stroking Edmond's rock-hard cock. The vampire tore his mouth from Tobias' neck, gasping as he came.

Edmond rolled onto his back and tugged Tobias to his heaving chest. They took a few moments to catch their breath.

"That was a pleasant beginning to what I'm sure will be a memorable night," Tobias said and kissed Edmond's chest.

"It will be." Edmond caressed Tobias' hair. "Are you ready to eat now? After dinner I want to go for a walk in the snow. There's something I want to show you."

"Ah. A holiday intrigue. You know a cat's curiosity always gets the better of him," Tobias said.

Edmond smiled, sat up and poured water from a pitcher into a washbowl on the night table. He dampened a cloth and tenderly washed his lover before cleaning himself.

"Stay where you are," Edmond commanded, resting a hand on Tobias' chest before he could leave the bed. "You fed me. Let me return the favor."

Tobias liked that idea. He loved to be spoiled, especially by Edmond. It had been over two thousand years since he'd allowed himself to love anyone outside his family. He'd never wanted to love a man again, but when he and Edmond had met two-hundred-sixty-three years ago, he'd been unable to resist him. He still remembered how irresistible Edmond had been, alone in a clearing on a snowy night, practicing with his sword.

He watched Edmond standing naked by the table. The vampire lifted a silver lid from a tray and selected various juicy tidbits that already had Tobias' mouth watering. His stomach rumbled. Earlier he had gone for a run around town in his cat form, then he'd played with Edmond. Both activities roused his appetite.

Edmond approached the bed. He placed the dish of food between them, then used his fingers to feed Tobias bits of meat and vegetables. Between accepted pieces of food, Tobias teased Edmond's fingers with his tongue. The vampire's eyes smoldered, once again stirring Tobias' desire.

When the meal ended, Tobias left the bed to retrieve Edmond's gift. He placed it on the bed.

Edmond's eyes gleamed as he opened the long box. Inside was a smallsword Tobias had made especially for his lover. Edmond picked it up and took his time examining it.

"Like it?" Tobias asked, although he already knew the answer by the undivided attention Edmond was giving the weapon.

"Like it?" Edmond glanced at him. "I love it. Thank you." He placed the sword back in its case. He gazed at it with longing before closing the lid.

"Don't worry. It will be here when we get back," Tobias teased.

A smile flickered across Edmond's chiseled lips. "Yes. It's time for your gift, isn't it?"

Edmond dressed again, but Tobias didn't bother. Instead he shifted to his cat form. He approached Edmond and rubbed against his legs. Edmond bent and ran his hands over Tobias' sleek body that was now covered in a warm black coat.

Taking Tobias' cat face in his hands, Edmond gazed into his eyes and said, "You're so beautiful."

Tobias' tongue darted out to caress Edmond's cheek in a rough, rare cat kiss.

They left the house and Tobias headed toward town, but Edmond called, "This way."

Tobias walked alongside Edmond. It didn't take long for him to realize where they were going.

The men stopped in the clearing where they'd first met so long ago. Moonlight illuminated the snowy ground. Ice glistened in the trees. Whisper was a magical place, but in winter it looked even more enchanted. Tobias noticed that the icicles on several trees were perfectly shaped, like natural ornaments. He knew it was the work of the Archers--the local elf family.

"My life changed so much the day we met," Edmond said to Tobias.

The cat shifter sat close to him and tilted his gaze toward Edmond's face.

"We've been together a long time, Tobias, but I hope for so much more." Edmond drew a deep breath and released it slowly. Tobias sensed he was nervous about something and couldn't fathom why. They had always been comfortable with each other. Edmond removed a small box from his coat pocket. He opened it. Inside was a gold ring set with onyx and diamonds. "Tonight is the anniversary of our first meeting. Will you take this ring?"

Tobias was momentarily stunned. What exactly was Edmond asking? He shifted to his human form, not caring about the cold, and stood to face his lover.

"Edmond, it's very beautiful, but--"

Edmond took his hand and slid the ring onto his index finger. He smiled faintly and kissed Tobias' hand. "It fits."

"Yes," Tobias breathed, gazing at the ring.

"I want us to be together always," Edmond said.

"We are together."

"I mean I want us to commit to each other, to promise there will be no one else."

Tobias shivered. He turned his back to Edmond and walked away, his human feet tracing the path of his feline footprints.

Edmond draped his coat over Tobias' shoulders and Tobias turned sharply. They stood so close that their lips almost touched.

"I can't commit to that," Tobias said.

The disappointment in Edmond's eyes cut like a blade, but Tobias had pledged his love to a man once and it had ended in disaster.

"I'm sorry." Tobias started to pull off the ring, but Edmond's hands closed over his.

"Keep it anyway," Edmond said. "It's my gift to you. No promises required."

"It doesn't seem right--"

"It is. I won't hold you to me if you don't want to be held. I couldn't. You're a cat." A sad smile tugged at Edmond's lips.

"Then hold this for me," Tobias whispered, removing the ring and placing it in Edmond's hand. "I need a run."

He quickly shifted to his cat form and raced off.

* * *

Edmond bent to pick up his coat that had fallen in the snow. He stared after his fleeing lover until the black cat disappeared in the trees.

Tobias' rejection stung. He knew they would continue seeing each other. That had always been their agreement. Tobias, like most cats, fiercely protected his innermost thoughts. It was a trait vampires shared. Even though Tobias hadn't admitted it yet, they were committed to each other. Edmond wanted them to acknowledge their love.

"Someday you'll accept my proposal," Edmond said. "Until then, I'll be patient, my beautiful black cat."

The end. . .for now.

Edmond and Tobias' story continues in Whisper 4: Black Cat

Copyright 2012 Kate Hill

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